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Product Description

Bulk printing
PressTerra has created a network of digital and offset print sites around the world, offering the lowest prices in their market. At the same cost, or less, the publication will be available hours earlier compared to the flown in publications of the competition. Publishers submit content to one of the secured PressTerra servers, who in turn ensures that the right type of file is transmitted to the Print site and on time. After printing has been completed, the newspapers are picked up or delivered to the Publisher’s preferred Distributor. If no connections with a distributor exists yet for that market, PressTerra will bring the Publisher into contact with an established distributor and upon request will negotiate on the Publisher’s behalf. PressTerra offers an economic, fast and environment friendly solution at strategic locations around the world.

Print on Demand
Tourists and expats at certain locations around the world are a target group that often is too small to fly in newspapers or print in bulk locally, mainly because of the cost factor. On the other hand they are too big to ignore. Digital print on-demand can be a good and cost-effective solution. Both readers and publishers want a quality product, a real folded newspaper, printed on familiar newsprint. Together with several print partners, PressTerra set up such operations successfully. Due to our connections in the publishing industry, we are able to offer a selection of quality newspapers for on-demand printing. Based on our extensive databases of tourism and expats around the world and our experience with other locations, we can calculate the potential in a particular area. With that we can either contact a digital printsite in the vicinity or have one of the continuous feed printer manufacturers make an offer. Our on-demand system allows for printing exactly the amount of copies per title, per day as required. Another big advantage is that the newspapers are on sale when the competing newspapers are still to arrive at the airport.

On Screen Display
PressTerra’s Presstige system provides for newspapers on PC-screen. Not the type of news one can read by going to the free website of a newspaper, but the complete newspaper in it’s familiar layout, exactly the same as the printed version. For detailed information on any of the three products, mail us at